Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What do you think of Military #scifi by Pete Rogan?

Reading is a continuing obsession, and I often try to share my love of books with my audience. As part of that, I feature books by fellow authors each Wednesday here on Amlokiblogs. 

I've featured Alex J Cavanaugh  with his space opera, Marian Allen's humorous scifi, and T. A. Miles with her scifi thriller. Today would my first military science fiction: La Glaciere by Pete Rogan.

Elevator pitch:
A novel about a Marine squad locating a hidden alien airbase on the frozen end of the French colony world of Aurore, accompanied by a xenopsychologist whose two-year captivity by the aliens has made her a little... strange. Intrigue, adventure and confronting the unknown at humanity's edge.

Teaser Excerpt:
The suns were heading west and, while actual sunsset was some time off, it felt like evening, and the xenon lighting of the “Avenue of Hope” could be seen a klick away. Once, Gunny knew, it had been the main shopping district of De Rais. The war had changed the nature of its commerce utterly.
    Gunny was no piker. He and the Squad had been up and down the French Arm, from the industrial-strength entertainment district at Premiere on Beta Canum to the fleshpots of Joi to the earnest, hard-working pubs and brasseries of Elysium. But what was going on in Lumiere d'Aube made them look tired and trite.
    Minutes before they got there Gunny addressed the Squad: “All right. We've got a whole street to explore and I know you want to get to it. I'll just remind you jarheads that morning formation is at Hour One sharp. And that we are here as guests of the French and of the people of Lumiere d'Aube, who have never seen an American Marine before. I expect you all to conduct yourselves as ambassadors of good will.” He hesitated. “We've seen what the Bugs can do, but these people saw that first, years before we did. Respect them as you would a Marine.” He let that sink in. “Okay. Marines, have a good time. See you in forty hours.”

As Rogan says : If you like adventure, aliens, and intrigue, and/or are a science-fiction aficionado, then this  book is for you.This isn’t just a book about aliens. It’s about confronting the unknown, and what the unknown reveals. Readers with an interest in sf that’s more than find the aliens and blow them up will find something here to reward them as well. Right down to its Ernest K. Gann ending.

So go buy  La Glaciere and have yourself a truly out of the world experience!

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  1. What a cool premise!
    Love the combo of military and sci-fi. :)

  2. I love a good sf. Sounds like this is one that would keep me reading.

  3. I don't usually read sci-fi, but sure, I'll bite.

  4. Now that sounds like my kind of read!

  5. I don't usually read military sci-fi, but you have me hooked about the strange xenopsychologist. Sounds like fun!

  6. Military sci-fi, huh? Sounds like a winning combination. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  7. The elevator pitch is quite intriguing. :)

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  8. Sounds very interesting and intriguing! And the elevator pitch is awesome!


  9. That sounds fascinating. Nicely done.

  10. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Okay, where was I? Yeah, I could always read a bit of spaced-out sci-fi. Confronting the unknown can be looked at from many perspectives. Nice one, Pete Rogan.

    Thank you, Damyanti.

    Gary :)


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