Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2013 Sign-up is Now Open!

The brainchild of Arlee Bird, at Tossing it Out, this challenge basically requires 26 posts in 26 days based on 26 letters of the alphabet, one post beginning with each letter during the month of April, with Sundays off for good behavior. 

Two years ago, I discovered the A to Z Blogging Challenge by accident. I completed the challenge in 2011, even wrote a book based on the posts. I co-hosted it in 2012, and am back again co-hosting in 2013. This challenge has helped my blogs grow, and I know it will do the same for all of you who sign up below!
Since the more the merrier for this mega-networking event, help us spread the word: 
  •  Tweet it on the #atozchallenge tag
  •  Blog about it
  •  Connect with us on twitter via @AprilA2Z 
  •  Connect with us on Facebook 
  •  Add us on Google+
  •  Guest post AZ Challenge tips from now till end March on the main blog if you're a challenge veteran 
For more information and to stay on top of developments, I recommend you follow the  
A to Z Challenge Blog (@AprilA2Z) and the hosts: (please follow both blogs and twitter for updates!)


  •   Arlee Bird Tossing It Out                                 @ArleeBird
  •   Damyanti Biswas Amlokiblogs                       @damyantig
  •   Alex J. Cavanaugh Alex J. Cavanaugh          @AlexJCavanaugh 
  •   Tina Downey Life is Good                               @TinaLifeisGood
  •   DL Hammons Cruising Altitude 2.0                @DL_H
  •   Jeremy Hawkins Retro-Zombie                       @iZombieJMH
  •   Shannon Lawrence The Warrior Muse           @thewarriormuse
  •   Matthew MacNish The QQQE                          @MatthewMacNish
  •   Konstanz Silverbow No Thought 2 Small       @KonstanzS
  •   Stephen Tremp Breakthrough Blogs              @StephenTremp
  •   Livia Peterson Leave it to Livia                       @LiviaGPeterson
  •   L. Diane Wolfe Spunk on a Stick                     @SpunkOnAStick 
  •   Nicole The Madlab Post                                   @madlabpost 

This year, we're introducing Blog Categories for Participants. This is entirely Optional, other than for blogs with Adult Content, which will be taken off the list unless marked (AC).

If you'd like categories, please choose One from the list of 22 categories listed below, and add the code after your name/ blog name while signing up on the linky list. e.g. Damyanti Biswas - Amlokiblogs (WR)

Only the codes from the following list will be admissible, in the format they are presented below: e.g. (WR) You may sign up with just your blog name, and include none of the following codes. But please note that once you have decided on a code, you won't have the option to change it. Multiple entries of the same blog, and ad sites will be deleted.

1. WRITING :                          (WR)

2. BOOKS:                              (BO)

3. FILM :                                  (FM)

4. PHOTOGRAPHY:               (PH)

5. GARDENING:                     (GR)

6. CRAFT:                               (CR)

7. ART:                                    (AR)

8. MUSIC:                               (MU)

9. CULINARY:                         (CU)

10. LIFESTYLE:                      (LI )  

11. FASHION:                          (FA)

12. PERSONAL:                      (PR)

13. SOCIAL MEDIA:                (SO)

14. GAMING:                           (GA)

15. EDUCATION :                    (ED)

16. POLITICS:                          (PO)

17. HISTORY:                           (HI)

18. SCIENCE:                          (SC)

19. HUMOR:                             (HU)

20. TRAVEL:                             (TR)

21. MISCELLANEOUS:            (MI)

22. ADULT CONTENT:             (AC)

Without further ado, we give you the Sign-up list for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2013! 

Whether you go with a theme or freestyle, your post must match the letter of the alphabet for that day: check the Challenge calendar . Add your name to the list, grab the badge from the left sidebar, and when the Challenge begins, start by visiting the blog immediately after your own.


  1. Folks, please enter only one category, and not more when you enter your name in the list.

    Please read the post carefully.

  2. Replies
    1. Can't believe we have more than a 100 sign ups already!

  3. Hi there! Thanks for co-hosting. This will be Year 3 for me. Please visit:

    1. Hi, will pop by for a visit, stat. Welcome on board the #atozchallenge !

  4. Is okay if I have not decided which category I want to join? I am new to blogging and am still trying to decide on my blogging category.

    1. As I said in the post, categories are optional. We only included them due to popular demand last year. If you notice, most co-hosts don't have a category.

  5. Thanks for hosting. I missed last year as we were traveling around the world. I am hoping I have an interesting and funny travel story for each letter of the alphabet.

    Rhonda at Laugh Quotes
    Family Travel-Humor-Randomness

    1. I remember laughing at some of your hilarious posts :) So glad you can join this year. Do help us spread the word.

  6. Awesome! I have one blog signed up and ready to go, I might sign up one of my others. I did two blogs last year and it was great!

    The Other Side

  7. Should be a lot of fun...and just look at all the new blogs we get to check out!

  8. Hmm, don't know about this year. Have to finish "Bayou Princess." However, those categories tempt.

  9. Thanks for co-hosting this mega blog hop. So looking forward to it!

  10. Great intro, and oh so fun to work together to solve a problem, even though we really couldn't be much further apart on the globe...
    I can't believe how many we have already! It's going to be, in the words of Jake, EPIC. Can't believe I just spoke teenager...

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. :) Epic is the word for it! :)and're a delight to work with -- hope things are better at home.

  11. Thanks so much for hosting this blogfest! We signed up today at #337. This looks like it's going to be HUGE! Congratulations! Please visit our new blog at

  12. I'm all signed up! I know this will be a busy time for you.

  13. This looks pretty interesting. I wish I can write this much. :)

  14. This is something exciting that I'm looking forward to do. Hope I get the time during my busy schedule.

  15. I'm excited to sign up again this year! Thank you all for doing this again :)

  16. Hi

    Is my post about haji Ali listed ?

    Can't find it in the list.


  17. Brand new to the Challenge. Very much looking forward to it & meeting other writers! What a fun idea!

    - Erick

    A Brief Sinfonia

  18. hey...Is it acceptable to have varying themes for the 26 days....If so what code would I lable it?


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